It is with great pleasure that I share what I have learned with others!  ~Diana


*Contact Diana to schedule a workshop in your hometown!

Diana Brenes Seiler, LMT has been practicing Thai Yoga Massage since 2003 and Integrative Deep Tissue Massage (using oils and a massage table) since 2005.  She has worked with over 7000 clients.  She has been teaching at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mount Kisco since it opened in 2008.  She began teaching Thai Massage about a year later.  She has a private practice and works at the Omega Institute’s Wellness Center.  It is with great pleasure that she shares the depth and goodies that she has learned from this incredible art form and from the multitude of incredible teachers with whom she has had the privilege of studying.



“In teaching Thai Massage, Diana carefully constructed a fully embodied experience, one that was spiritual as well as educational; certainly more fulfilling than just going through the poses.” -Kelly DeNicolo Huggins, LMT

“An awesome workshop and amazing instructor!  I appreciate the warmth and care that Diana has for her craft and her teaching.  Very giving!”  – Ray Sanchez, LMT

“This course was extremely informative and well structured.”  -Julio Santiago

“Diana is a wonderful instructor.  She makes Thai massage accessible, and the sequence is an incredible experience to both give and receive.  I appreciated the detail of the manual, clear explanations, and how she tied in movement and meditation into the workshop.”  -Ashley Corsetti, LMT


“The techniques were fantastic, the pace was perfect, Diana is knowledgeable, clear, patient, and helpful.  The take-home materials are really useful.  This was a wonderful workshop!” -Kim Vaughan, LMT

“Diana is knowledgeable, approachable, patient, and in-tune.  Great workshop. Would highly recommend this class to anyone.  DVD + pictures with notes = above and beyond.  Thank you!” -Kimberly DePrez, LMT



NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451987-12

Thai Yoga Massage Trainings

Come learn this amazing form of healing bodywork!

Build strength, flexibility and fluidity of movement while supporting and nourishing another!

In these workshops a sequence will be taught that addresses the whole body.  Workshop are different lengths of time so the amount covered in each naturally reflects the time we have together.  Detailed focus on proper body mechanics is taught as well as the history and theory of Thai Yoga Massage. It is important that one has good knee health, as we will be squatting and kneeling as we work on the floor. This form of massage requires balance and strength on the part of the practitioner. If this is a concern, yet you are interested in attending, please call to discuss. A thorough and detailed binder of information will be provided.  The 16 and 19 CE trainings include images and in-depth descriptions of each move, as well as a video of the sequence.

Acupressure Trainings for Nurses

*Acupressure Training for Nurses:  Diana led trainings for nurses in acupressure at the VA Hospital at Castle Point in 2014 and 2015.  These trainings are designed to give the nurses hands-on techniques for treating pain and discomforts in their patients. The fact that hospitals are becoming interested in implementing alternative approaches to the standard Western medications for treating pain is a huge step in the right direction for a holistic care system to be formed; offering a greater breadth of options for patients, and in many cases treating a problem without causing more problems in the process.

*Please contact Diana if you have connections to hospital(s) in the NY Metropolitan Area, or beyond.  Together, let’s spread these healing techniques!



Private Massage Instruction: Diana has nearly 9 years of experience teaching many forms of massage at the Finger Lakes School of Massage and can cater the class to the students desires and needs.

Private Yoga Instruction: Designed to meet the individuals wishes and needs.

Self-Care Workshops (details below): A blend of discussion, play, movement, yoga asana, self-massage and more!

Dance Temple (details below): This is a meditative dance party facilitated by Diana.  If you’d like to schedule a Dance Temple for a private gathering contact Diana.  Additionally, if you’d like to be notified when these are happening (open to the public) please send Diana an email or text with your info: Facebook name, phone #, or email.

Yin Yoga with a Twist of Thai (details below): Yin yoga class taught by the talented Eric Archer with hands-on Thai Massage given by Diana.  *No current on-going classes, however if you’d like to have us come to your home for a special gathering to share this sweet practice, please reach out!  Diana and Eric alternate teaching Yin Yoga at The Living Seed in New Paltz, Friday mornings 9:30-11am.

Meditation and Mindfulness:  It is a natural tendency for Diana to support others in seeing the world with a broader lens.  Through surviving her own challenges in thought and perspective she brings personal wisdom to this topic.  She began her study and use of meditation and mindfulness practices in college to support her in seeing life clearly .  In the winter of 2013 Diana co-taught a course on Mindfulness at the Millbrook School, a college preparatory boarding school for students in grades 9-12.  She now teaches Mindfulness Practices to students and staff at The Finger Lakes School of massage.  These simple practices feel like some of the most important offerings she has to give others, supporting them in increasing their awareness and the choices involved in their experiences in life, full of complex relationships and challenges.



Sacred Space: Diana loves to create beautiful and inviting spaces that are works of art in their design.  If you would like assistance in enhancing a space in your home, office, workshop, garden, back yard, what have you, please contact Diana to discuss!  Diana also has landscaping experience to add into the mix, if suited to an outdoor location.  *Diana is a Certified Permaculture Designer and has a degree in Fine and Visual Arts.  She has recently joined arms with the fabulous Stephanie Hertel, herbalist, nature educator and horticulturist.  Together they will transform your space into a sanctuary of beauty and peace!  Call to schedule a consultation!

Mural Art: Diana has an undergraduate degree in Fine/Visual Arts and actively engages in creating multi-media art forms.  She enjoys painting murals, often landscapes that hold a feeling of a place and abstract forms representative of the natural world.




*Dance Temple supports you as a participant, in taking time for the self-care practice of being with yourself, in your body, out of your head, and moving as you feel called to. The space is candle lit, the music meditative, though for sure at times bumpin’; creating a mood for inner reflection and outright soul-body shakin’. Come get your groove on!

Diana will create a beautiful and sacred space for you and others to journey into yourselves. With a carefully selected playlist, the music is intended to inspire you to connect with your body, feel into the moment, explore non-verbal expression, and welcomes you to rattle out tension or stagnant emotions through DANCING in whatever way you are moved. Some simply stretch or lye on the floor as they decompress or become absorbed in meditation. Some jump and shake. There are no rules; just respect for other people’s space and honoring and listening to yourself.

ABOUT: Diana sees the human body as a powerful medium for moving energy and stuck emotion through it’s movement. Diana offers Dance Temple as a prayer for healing, self-connection and freedom of all sorts for all who participate. She draws from her experience of 5 Rhythms, Journey Dance, Trance Dance, and Dance Mandala which she has been most inspired by. Yoga asana, meditation and contact improv have also fueled her on this path. Diana loves to dance, and finds great satisfaction in supporting others towards finding love and freedom within.

YIN YOGA with a twist of THAI

Call to schedule an intimate Yin Yoga practice, while receiving Thai Massage!  Gather friends/family for a wonderful experience in your own home.  We’ll come to you.

Yin Yoga is a quiet, simple practice focused on the body’s connective tissue, and steeped in Yogic and Taoist philosophy. This class will include breathing exercises, the Yin practice, and end with a Yoga Nidra guided meditation — all while massage therapist Diana Seiler circulates around the room giving Thai Massage to participants. Class size is limited to ensure each student receives quality hands-on time.

Schedule a private class in your home for yourself, and your family and friends.   Contact Eric at to inquire.

RADICAL SELF-CARE: tools, tips and tricks

Radical Self-Care will encourage you to look honestly at your life, your patterns, and your commitments.  Through individual and group exercises this workshop will support you in designing healthy habits that are fun, engaging and long lasting.  You will learn simple, valuable, powerful and practical exercises for supporting a healthy lifestyle, nourishing your body-mind-spirit.  Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into yourself, walking away with greater direction, inspiration, and tools to fuel you on your way.

Call if interested in bringing this to your community!